Alex Vargas Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor, Composer
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Alex Vargas, San Francisco Bay Area based filmmaker, was born to a family of musicians in Montevideo, Uruguay and had his first performance on stage at the age of 12 as a singer/actor. He started performing as a professional musician at 15 with original material. At 17, he attended classical theatre school in Uruguay at EMAD (national school of theatre) and performed professionally for the national comedy. He then travelled through Europe and settled in Denmark. As a composer, songwriter and recording artist, he has performed in nine countries of the 20 + countries he has travelled to. Alex has taught yoga, self-discipline, meditation, music therapy, drama, and worked as a personal health coach, as well as serving as a group travel director for a Swedish company. He also spent five years within the nonprofit sector as program director and national counselor for a California based international student exchange organization. In 2008 he worked as director for a fashion design company in Denmark, after which Alex attended film school at the School of Liberal Arts, Film Department, CCSF, in San Francisco. Alex is also the father to a 29 year old talented young man who lives in London working as an international professional composer, performer, songwriter and recording artist, also under the name "Alex Vargas".

"I'm licensed to sail and scuba dive. I've bungee jumped until my pockets were empty, jumped from airplanes, played on a rugby team and danced ballet. I've rolled on skateboards and roller skates, sliced a few lakes on a mono ski, powdered my nose on a snowboard, broken a sweat on a horse back and faithfully continue to follow  my heart. I speak three languages, rock climb, produce films, edit, do sound design and compose music. I'm currently shooting a number of projects, all of them challenging pieces. And that's a good thing since challenges are my tool of choice for personal growth."